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Without Prejudice

Parties to a dispute cannot say whatever they want simply because the communication is marked or stated to be ‘without prejudice’.

Employment claims on the rise

Claims to Employment Tribunals are on the increase and the time taken to deal with claims is getting longer.

New Government

It may be “new politics” but how will the Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition impact on business?

Employment Law

What are the consequences of continued disruption caused by volcanic ash for employers and their staff?

Data Protection

Businesses breaching the Data Protection Act could now incur a penalty of up to £500,000.

Equality Act

The Equality Act 2010, designed to harmonise existing discrimination laws and to strengthen the law on equality, will come into effect this year.

Terms & Conditions

Time spent in ensuring that your business has appropriate and legally enforceable terms and conditions is often time well spent.

Fit Notes

Last month the Social Security and Statutory Sick Pay Amendment Regulations introduced a Statement of Fitness for Work to replace the traditional “sick note”.

Sport Relief

Please do not be alarmed should you spot a red lycra-clad figure jogging around the Rye…