Legal Aid Children

A relationship breakdown can be an extremely emotional and challenging time, particularly if a child is involved.

During a breakdown, issues can arise over a child’s living arrangements, and commonly these issues have to be resolved through the courts unless the parties are able to achieve an agreement through mediation.

Child Arrangements Order are orders that are made by the court and govern with whom a child should live, spend time or otherwise have contact.  As of April 2014, Child Arrangements Orders replaced Residence and Contact Orders.

Legal Aid is available in very limited circumstances where there is a dispute between parents or other individuals regarding their children.  This is usually when there has been domestic violence and the party seeking Legal Aid has evidence to prove this.

Our Child Care team can assist you regarding these issues, providing you are eligible for funding.

Our team can advise you whether you meet the criteria to apply for funding and help you to apply.  As well as financial means-testing, the Legal Aid Agency will also assess the type of case before awarding funding.

Our Child Care team includes lawyers who are members of the Family Law panel, Children panel, BAAF and NAGALRO.

Our Legal Aid Children services include

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