A Guide to Conveyancing

General Conveyancing Process

Stage one – agreement of sale

Once the sale is agreed, Blaser Mills will:-

  • Liaise with the house builder’s solicitor to obtain the draft contract paperwork
  • Raise any relevant enquiries based on the paperwork received from the house builder’s solicitor.  Blaser Mills will check for planning and building regulations approvals and identify any issues relating to the drains and roads that will serve the property.  These issues are usually complex and we will need to ensure that, for example, there are sufficient rights of access to the property, and that planning conditions have been fulfilled.  This will prevent any difficulties during your period of ownership.  New-build insurance (such as NHBC) will also be considered and the terms of the policy examined to make sure that they cover you against any problems that may occur, including structural damage.  If you are buying with a mortgage, this sort of guarantee is essential.
  • Organise searches at the local authority and other relevant search providers on your behalf, and also ask you for a payment on account of such expenses
  • Deal with the formal mortgage offer and all the conditions on your behalf.  Mortgage offers for new-build properties generally have special procedures and you should check the terms of any mortgage offer especially to ascertain whether it could be extended if required.
  • Receive the search results and report to you on the outcome of the same
  • Receive replies to questions raised and report to you with the contract and mortgage deed for signing
  • Request your deposit.  This is usually 10% of the purchase price.

Stage two – exchange of contracts

Once contracts have been exchanged, Blaser Mills will:-

  • Hand over the deposit to the seller’s solicitor
  • Prepare a final completion statement for your approval
  • Collect any balance of funds required in readiness for completion.  This may be delayed if the completion date is not fixed at the time of exchange of contracts.
  • Organise final searches to check for debts and bankruptcy

Stage three – completion

On completion, Blaser Mills will:-

  • Send the balance purchase money to the house builder’s solicitor on the day of completion.  If a fixed completion date was not agreed on exchange of contracts, completion is usually 10 working days after the house builder has structurally completed the property and it has been signed off by Building Control.  They will then serve us with notice that completion can now take place in accordance with the contract.  You should ensure that you inspect the property prior to completion and take this opportunity to advise the house builder of any snagging items.
  • Receive and arrange for payment of any stamp duty to Revenue & Customs
  • Prepare and send off an application to the Land Registry to register your ownership
  • Register your ownership with NHBC or any other New Home Guarantee provider and forward the certificate to you
  • Advise your mortgage company that your ownership is now registered at the Land Registry.