Annual Family Finance Update 2019

Annual Family Finance Update 2019

Recently, the Family & Divorce team co-hosted an Annual Family Finance Update at The prestigious 5* Langham Hotel, London.

The update was delivered by Pump Court Chambers’ Leslie Samuels QC (Deputy High Court Judge). Which was followed by a lively debate, led by Edward Boydell  and Hugh Travers on Owens v Owens – “Til death do us part: Divorce should never be the easier option.”

The seminar was closed with a Q&A session with questions posed by delegates in advance. Please click on the following questions to access a downloadable pdf containing Counsel’s written answers:

1. On what basis can a Respondent oppose the pronouncement of a decree nisi, what notice is required, and can the order be appealed or set aside? Price v Price – [2015] 1 FLR 1202

2. Top 5 tips when drafting pre-nups for young couples who have yet to hit their stride in terms of earning capacity, may have student debts, do not have children yet but one party has been gifted money from wealthy relatives which although pre-acquired would probably be required to meet needs if the marriage breaks down in the short term

3. How does the Court deal with RSU’s in financial remedy cases and how far can they be argued as an income stream as opposed to forming part of the capital assets? 

4. What are the circumstances in which the court will indefinitely adjourn a lump sum claim? 

5. Have we seen the end of ‘joint lives’ maintenance? 

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