Annual Family Finance Update

Recently, the Family & Divorce team co-hosted an Annual Family Finance Update at The Langham, London.

The update was delivered by Pump Court Chambers’ Edward Boydell. This was then followed by a debate led by Leslie Samuels QC who represented the argument for special contributions, while Geoffrey Kelly presented the argument against.

The seminar was closed by a Q&A session with questions posed by delegates in advance. Please click on the following questions to access a downloadable pdf containing Counsel’s written answers:

1- Have we seen the end of joint lives maintenance orders?

2- When one spouse, usually the woman, sacrifices career and has many years of full on child care still ahead of her, is this not stellar, or are we more comfortable viewing it as ‘needs’?

3- Is there a risk of gender bias in favour of the male hegemony if special contributions are given special status? Can the domestic contribution ever be “special”?

4- To review or not to review – pre-nups? What is the current thinking in terms of including review clauses whoever you are acting for

5- How to treat bonuses (compare those which were part of the family income/future bonuses and those not applied to family outgoing)

6- How does the length of marriage impact upon contributions?

7- Do “needs” trump “sharing” and how generously are “needs” likely to be interpreted?

If you would like to find out further information, please contact Head of Family and Divorce, Jolene Hutchison, on