Are you ready for the Olympics?

With the London Olympics now upon us, many employers face the challenge of employees either not turning up for work or being prevented from getting to work by major disruptions.

A recent survey of more than 350 companies revealed that:

– 1 in 5 companies are concerned about the impact the Games will have on the smooth running of their business;

– 93% per cent of businesses don’t have a policy in place to manage time off requests during the Olympics;

– more than two thirds of businesses do not have a procedure in place if employees fail to turn up to work;and

– fewer than 10% of businesses will offer flexible working for employees who may have their travel disrupted during the Games.

Employers should consider how best to ensure business continuity and resilience. For instance:

– how will you deal with multiple annual leave requests?

– how will you deal with unauthorised absences?

– will you allow employees to watch events on TV in the workplace?

– will you allow staff to work at home or from an alternative workplace?

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