Blaser Mills Law business continuity update

Blaser Mills Law business continuity update

You will already have received a number of emails from businesses telling you about their plans during the current situation. We all want to say it’s business as normal, but of course, there’s nothing normal about the current situation.  

Regardless of whether our lawyers are working from the office or from home, you will remain supported by us. That will most definitely remain normal.

As other aspects of life have already started to change, we will continue to adapt according to your needs.  We have already had a number of questions about the legal implications of Coronavirus, the key questions being about:

  • Employees rights working from home
  • What to do if you can’t afford to pay your rent
  • Staffing issues, including sick pay and redundancy
  • Fulfilment of business contracts
  • Commercial property rent and lease matters
  • Cash preservation and collection   
  • Force majeure

We will keep our website updated on these matters, but if you have specific questions or concerns, please contact Chief Operating Officer, Alka Kharbanda on 01494 478 611 or at