Blaser Mills trainees Go Ape for the day

Blaser Mills trainees Go Ape for the day

The inaugural trainee induction day was held recently, with trainees new and (not so) new getting their outdoor gear on for a team-building day organised and led by our trainee mentors.

This year it was a wild forest adventure. Suggestions for next year’s event have already been flying in. Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

Mohsin Shabbir (2nd year trainee):

The October QM at Go Ape was an opportunity for the mentors and us existing trainees to meet the new intake in a completely different setting. We kicked off around 11am where mentors and trainees met for a late breakfast in our Forest Shelter followed by a bit of teambuilding. We divided into two (very competitive) teams for the morning activities, which happened to be giant Jenga and Connect Four.

Once the Jenga tower had collapsed in spectacular fashion (and my team had lost) we split up for our chosen activity. Some chose to journey through the forest on a relaxing segway tour. I, on the other hand, was part of the group that decided to clamber through the tree tops in a harness. Despite a few nerves from some of the tree top trawlers, and I was guilty of my fair share, particularly along the zip wires and huge Tarzan swings, it was an enjoyable and completely new experience for all of us.

The day concluded with a late lunch and de-brief from the mentors, who are generally always on hand to lend confidential support, guidance and motivation. I for one am already looking forward to the next event!

Sarah Timothy (associate and mentor):

The mentors were somewhat relieved that the first official BM induction day out was such a success. Go Ape was chosen after a number of trainees suggested it when asked for feedback. The day got off to a great start with wall-to-wall sunshine, breakfast pastries and a very tense game of giant outdoor jenga! Those feeling brave then embarked on the ‘tree top experience’ which consisted of zip wires, wobbly bridges, tight ropes and even a Tarzan swing up in the tree tops. Those not so keen on heights took to some segways for a forest trail experience, which looked much more relaxing from where we were…

The day was a great success with first year trainees commenting on how good it had been for breaking the ice and making them feel welcome. We all enjoyed ourselves and it was great to meet and greet the newest trainees in such a relaxed setting. A special mention goes to Jade Brooks, who not only is apparently a jenga master, but also overcame a fear of heights to complete the tree top course!