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Blaze CoSec

Blaze CoSec provides legal and administrative company secretarial support to businesses who require assistance with UK company set-up, legal compliance or corporate governance.

Blaze CoSec aims to ease the burden of creating and running a company, by acting on behalf of the company to undertake specific duties, governed by the Companies Act 2006. Our company secretarial support is split into core elements and optional, add-on support. Having a company secretary can be highly cost-effective for your business, as well as freeing up precious time allowing directors to concentrate on what they do best.


Core Elements

Registered office – Every company (including LLPs), whether you trade from within or outside of the UK, or even if you trade exclusively online, must have a registered office where official government communications relating to the company will be sent. Our service offers companies a registered office address which they can provide to Companies House, as well as a secure post and mail receipt and electronic forwarding service.

Company Secretarial – Through our team of trusted professionals, we offer a company secretarial service that can assist you with company formation, electronic and paper filing of all forms at Companies House filing and even ongoing maintenance, updating and amending the statutory registers of the company. Did you know that failure to keep up to date company records is an offence by the officers of the company, and in most cases, the company itself.


Optional Support

We are able to tailor your package to suit your company’s needs including adding additional non-core services, which include:

Company Incorporation – Setting up a company is simple with the support of Blaze CoSec. Whether you are creating single or multiple new companies, whatever the structure, our knowledgeable team can take away the administrative burden from you and have your new company formed and ready to be used within 24-48 hours.

We operate a digital process, ensuring that relevant documents, such as Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are filed. As well as ensuring that directors and shareholders are correctly appointed and that (where necessary) the company has been VAT registered with HMRC Advisory Work Shareholder / Board meeting support.

Shareholder/board meeting support – An effective board or shareholders meeting is pivotal in making clear, well thought out decisions, which in turn can lead to a well-managed company. Our professional team can help ensure you comply with the company’s Articles of Association, draft board minutes and written resolutions for meetings and advise on director’s duties.

Advisory workOn occasions, company issues may arise where you need assistance above and beyond our core service. With a team of dedicated company law experts, we are able to assist you, no matter the complexity.

Online portal – We have a secure online data management portal that enables us to share documents with you in a quick and efficient manner. All of the information can be stored in one place allowing for easy access.



We do not tie clients into long fixed term contracts. Our costs range from £150 – £580 one-off payments or £30 – £93 monthly payments. Our service is reviewed annually and the costs can be adjusted depending on frequency of use and your future needs.

Our pricing is transparent and we offer a simple annual retainer that can be paid in easy monthly installments. We ensure that our clients know the cost of the service from the outset, which enables them to budget accordingly. This gives certainty and peace of mind.



For a limited time only, we are offering to review your company statutory books against the information held at Companies House for free. If we find any discrepancies or amendments which require to be made, a small fee will be charged to correct. Alternatively, if you choose one of our existing Blaze CoSec packages, the review and amendments (if any) will be carried out for free.


If you have any questions about Blaze CoSec or would like corporate advice and support, please contact Neelum Jadoon at naj@blasermills.co.uk or on 01494 411177

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