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Civil or Commercial Fraud

When fraud affects you or your business, prompt action is essential in order to:-

  • Prevent further loss
  • Preserve and retrieve evidence
  • Identify the perpetrators
  • Recover monies or other assets that have been misappropriated 

The highly experienced lawyers in our Dispute Resolution team can assist with all of these steps, including injunction applications to the Court for a Search Order (to permit entry to premises to search for, copy and remove documents or material) or a Freezing Order (to restrain a party from disposing of or dealing with his or her assets).

We are equally adept at advising you if you have been accused of fraud, or if you have been served with a Search or Freezing Order. If there is a police investigation, if industry regulators become involved, or if disciplinary action is taken against you at work, we can work closely with our colleagues in the Criminal Defence and Employment teams to provide you with a full and seamless service.     

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