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Discipline and Grievances

We understand the intricacies involved in managing people, especially given the emotive nature of many workplace problems.

Clear and up-to-date policies and procedures are important to set behavioural standards, set out how allegations of misconduct will be handled, and establish a manageable process for employees to raise workplace grievances.

Having policies and procedures that comply with the ACAS code of practice is not enough, of course; they also need to be followed. Unreasonable failure to comply with the code can lead to Employment Tribunal awards against employers being increased by up to 25%.   

Our Employment team is highly experienced in guiding employers through best practise and the process to be followed when disciplining a member of staff and/or when a staff member brings a grievance, including:-

  • Investigation
  • Handling evidence (including expert evidence, if necessary)
  • Hearings
  • The right to be accompanied
  • How to identify whistle-blowing
  • Reaching and communicating a decision
  • When to consider without-prejudice discussions

Our objective is always to help clients minimise the risk of unnecessary Employment Tribunal claims.

Recent Experience:

  • Assisting a sports club with ongoing investigations and disciplinary action against several employees, leading to dismissal (where appropriate) while successfully avoiding any employee claims.
  • Advising a charitable social club faced with an employee grievance for the first time.   







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