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Disputes Involving Directors, Shareholders or Partners

Our Dispute Resolution team is regularly consulted by parties caught up in boardroom disagreements, troubled by partnership deadlock, or seeking to assert or rebut shareholder rights. Such disputes are often highly charged and can have serious consequences for the businesses concerned.

We provide pragmatic and commercial advice focused on achieving a cost-effective solution, whether the issues are caused by the commercial failure of a joint venture between major corporations or dysfunctional partners in a family business with diverging views on its future.

We are experienced in successfully resolving disputes, including:-

  • Breach of warranty claims following share or business sales and purchases
  • Disputes between shareholders, e.g. minority shareholders and derivative actions
  • Claims against directors for breach of their statutory duties
  • Partnership disputes

We specialise in removing clients from potentially destructive situations and putting them back in a position to manage profitable businesses.

We always try to identify the main drivers and underlying motivations of the parties involved and remain alert to opportunities for an innovative resolution outside of the often ‘blunt instrument’ of formal Court proceedings. 

However, we will not hesitate to recommend Court action where we believe it has the best prospect of delivering results. 

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