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Registering a patent can offer you protection for your inventions and ideas.  It will ensure that others cannot use your invention or idea, so that you maintain control and receive all available financial and commercial benefits. 

For a patent application to succeed, your idea must be considered patentable, must be completely new and must not be obvious.  Once granted, a patent will typically give you protection for 20 years.

With the assistance of specialist patent attorneys where appropriate, our Commercial team can:-

  • Advise on whether you will able to obtain a patent for your idea or invention
  • Advise whether your idea or invention is likely to infringe an existing patent
  • Assist in drafting your patent application, including details of what makes your idea or invention unique
  • Once applied for in the UK, seek protection for your patent in other countries as required
  • Monitor and administer the patent renewal process

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