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Shareholder Agreements

The purpose of a Shareholders’ Agreement is to set out the rights and obligations of all shareholders in a clear, understandable way.

While some limited companies are owned by a single shareholder, others can have several different individuals or corporate bodies owning the company shares.  This can lead to differing views on how the business should operate, which can sometimes lead to disputes. 

The Shareholders’ Agreement is negotiated and agreed by all parties and therefore provides both a reference and protection for the shareholders if things go wrong.  The team at Blaser Mills has extensive technical expertise in drafting shareholders’ agreements and can:-   

  • Advise you on matters to consider when entering into a shareholders’ agreement
  • Assist in negotiating the terms of the agreement
  • Draft bespoke shareholders’ agreements specifically tailored to suit the needs of your shareholders and your business
  • Offer advice and assistance to exit a shareholders’ agreement if things go wrong

Recent Experience:

  • Advising existing shareholders on granting a substantial shareholding to a new managing director and preparing a shareholders’ agreement to reflect matters agreed between the parties.
  • Preparing a shareholders’ agreement for a start-up company to take account of the differing objectives of a majority individual and a minority corporate shareholder.

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