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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are the rules by which your business trades.  Clear, well-drafted terms will provide certainty for both you and your customers, and will offer your business protection in the event of a dispute.

Whether you are selling to consumers or business-to-business, via traditional channels or e-commerce, and whether you want standard terms of business or bespoke terms for particular contracts, our highly experienced Commercial team is ready to help.

Where special considerations apply, e.g. consumer law, financial services or consumer credit, we can ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation.     

In addition to producing clear and well-drafted terms and conditions, we can advise you how to incorporate them fully into your sales processes and therefore your contracts.  If you deal on a regular basis with customers or suppliers who also use standard terms of business, we can provide guidance on how to win the ‘battle of the forms’ and ensure that your terms prevail.

Recent Experience:

  • Preparing on-line terms and conditions for sale and hire of goods for a washroom services company.
  • Reviewing standard terms of business for a manufacturer and distributor in the transport sector and recommending amendments, including enhanced retention of title provisions.      

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