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Trade Marks

Registering your Trade Mark is an important means of protecting your brand, logo and trading name.

Not only can you register your trade mark in the UK, but it can also be registered in Europe and other countries throughout the world.  Ensuring that your Trade Mark is registered will offer you the best possible protection from unauthorised misuse by a third party using either your trade mark or something sufficiently similar to be considered yours. 

The Commercial team at Blaser Mills has extensive knowledge of the law relating to trade marks and can:-

  • Advise you on potential considerations when seeking to register a trade mark
  • Draft and submit UK, European and worldwide trade mark applications
  • Monitor the registration process and provide you with regular updates
  • Advise you in relation to any objections to your trade mark application and how best to resolve them
  • Contest any unauthorised misuse of your trade mark
  • Assist you in resolving trade mark disputes

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