Bribery Act 2010

Business owners should review anti-corruption procedures now to prevent being caught unawares by the new Bribery Act.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements have for the first time gained legal recognition within the English Courts.

Retention of Title

A retention of title clause can prove to be a useful tool for businesses who supply goods on credit.

Agency Worker Regulations

Although the Agency Worker Regulations 2010 are under review, businesses will still need to assess their potential impact.

Better late than never?

Late payment continues to be a major problem for small businesses.

Competition Law

Landlords and tenants may need to review their agreements to ensure that they are not anti-competitive.

Without Prejudice

Parties to a dispute cannot say whatever they want simply because the communication is marked or stated to be ‘without prejudice’.

Employment Law

What are the consequences of continued disruption caused by volcanic ash for employers and their staff?

Data Protection

Businesses breaching the Data Protection Act could now incur a penalty of up to £500,000.