Companies Act 2006

Implementation of the final tranche of the most broad-ranging reform of company law in over 20 years takes effect from 1st October 2009

National Minimum Wage

Employers who fail to pay the minimum wage face an automatic penalty of between £100 and £5,000

Paternity Leave

The current economic situation has led the Government to postpone plans to allow fathers to claim up to 6 months paternity leave

Intellectual Property

Financial cost and a lack of awareness are the two main barriers small businesses face when dealing with intellectual property.

Debt Recovery

The latest update to the Civil Procedure Rules have introduced new measures, effective from 6th April this year, regarding the pre-action conduct of parties to a disputed claim.

Moratorium on Employment Law

According to a survey carried out by the British Chambers of Commerce, the UK’s smallest firms are finding it difficult to cope with the constantly changing demands of employment law.

Employment Act 2008

The much anticipated Employment Act 2008 – which comes into force in April 2009 – will repeal the unpopular statutory dispute resolution procedures…

Domain Name Theft

Industry commentators continue to warn of the risks of domain name theft by ‘web bandits’, who obtain domain name registrations illegally…

Wills & Probate

How can you safeguard your family’s accumulated wealth?