Network and Information Systems Regulations: don’t get burnt – keep the firewall up

Network and Information Systems Regulations: don’t get burnt – keep the firewall up

The Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 (NISR) came into force on the 10 May 2018, implementing the Network and information Directive EU 2016/1148. The purpose of the NISR is to establish a national framework to regulate cyber security and to advance collaboration nationally and between member states of the EU. With focus firmly on […]

Work Christmas party coming up? Employers beware!

Work Christmas party coming up? Employers beware!

Whilst Christmas is a merry time of year with plenty of lunches, dinners and drinks, employers should exercise caution in this festive season. If things turn sour during work events, including Christmas parties, employers will be vicariously liable (i.e. held responsible) for the actions of their employees. The determining factor here is whether the actions […]

Solution through Resolution

Our family law solicitors are proud and active members of Resolution, an organisation of family law professionals committed to resolving family disputes constructively and efficiently. In adhering to the Resolution protocol, we aim to guide our clients through the difficult processes involved in the breakdown of family relationships, as quickly and cost effectively as possible […]

Even if my name isn’t on the property deeds, do I have any rights?

Where an individual is not named on the title register to a property but has paid towards the purchase price, mortgage or renovation costs together with their partner, who is the registered owner, does that individual have any property rights? The short answer is yes, you may well have rights. Where property is held in […]

Revolution or Evolution?

Over recent months we have been highlighting proposed changes to the family law system in England and Wales.  Now those changes are very much with us, having come into force on 22nd April 2014, and they can be seen in all their glory, for better or for worse.  They represent a considerable change to the […]

Personal Injury – The Campaign

The Law Society has delivered a bold and new advertising campaign which focuses on the benefits to personal injury claimants in obtaining proper legal advice.

Proposed increase to small-claims limit in Personal Injury claims

Blaser Mills welcomed news this week that a decision on whether to raise the small claims court limit for personal injury claims will not be made until the autumn. Any increase will in our opinion serve to reduce access to justice.

Challenging the Proposed RTA Portal Costs

The Association of Personal Lawyers (APIL) and Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) have submitted a judicial review application to challenge the proposed plans to cut RTA personal injury fees.