Christmas – The Pitfalls of Festive Merriment

Christmas.  A time for celebration. Seemingly endless parties and social invitations, and an excuse to let your hair down. 

It’s also a time when the police are ever more alert to those who may be under the influence of alcohol whilst driving .  It’s not just having that cheeky drink on the night of the work’s Christmas party that can be the problem – people can still find themselves over the limit the morning after the night before…

Being charged with driving or being in charge of a vehicle with excess alcohol is always a difficult and potentially costly experience.  A guilty plea or conviction can see you being sentenced in a variety of ways from a financial penalty and in the most severe cases, a custodial sentence.  If you are found to be over the limit whilst driving or attempting to drive a vehicle, you face a mandatory period of disqualification from driving of at least 12 months.

So, we at Blaser Mills wish you a peaceful break over the Christmas and New Year period, but use this as a reminder of the importance of driving safely at the same time.

Should you find yourself in the position of facing charges relating to excess alcohol, you can contact our criminal defence team by e-mail at, or if you require urgent assistance outside office hours and during the festive break, you can contact a member of our criminal defence team by calling our emergency number: 07876 687587.