Criminal Defence

Why is a rigorous examination of the evidence so important?

Amy French, an Associate Solicitor in our High Wycombe office, has been tasked with two trials involving allegations of burglary.

One of the cases turned on whether the property involved was on private or public land.  One of the key elements of burglary is that the prosecution must prove that someone has trespassed or entered a property without permission.  Amy, through her thorough preparation, was able to prove that the land in question was public land, and as such there could be no trespass.

Although allegations of burglary are common, they can take many forms.  At a basic level, as well as proving trespass the prosecution also have to prove that there has been a theft, that someone has been caused serious injury or that someone has caused unlawful damage.  Sometimes, charges can be brought on the basis that someone has entered a property without permission and that, while nothing was actually stolen from within the property, there was an intention to steal something.

Our experienced Criminal Defence team demonstrates in all it does just how important a rigorous examination of the evidence in any case must be.

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