Deadline approaching for Continuing Healthcare claims

The deadline to make an NHS Continuing Healthcare claim is fast approaching – 30th September 2012.

If you or a relative have been receiving care from 1st April 2004 and paying for that care you may be eligible for a reimbursement of the fees. This includes care home fees.

What is continuing healthcare?

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of health and social care provided outside hospital.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for NHS Continuing healthcare your main or primary need for care must relate to your health.

For example, people who are eligible are likely to:

• Have a medical condition that requires a lot of care and support
• Need highly specialised nursing support

Someone nearing the end of their life is also likely to be eligible if they have a condition that is rapidly getting worse and may be terminal.


In March 2012 the Department of Health announced deadlines for individuals or their representatives wanting to request an assessment of eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare funding. If care was received between 1st April 2004 and 31st March 2012 the deadline for making the application is 30th September 2012. The time to make your claim is now, or you will lose out. An application can also be made on behalf of a person who was eligible but who has since died.

How we can help

Blaser Mills has an experienced team of solicitors who can provide advice and assistance to those who are potentially entitled to recover NHS Continuing Healthcare funding.

For more information call Nisha Laxman on 01784 462511