Digital inheritance

Digital inheritance

What happens to your online data when you pass away?

When someone passes away, they have more to their name than just physical assets, they also have all of their online accounts such as social media, ITunes or email accounts. These accounts contain personal data such as photo albums and music collections, which can have personal and sentimental significance.

This is an “emerging” and complex area of law.  You may believe that your online data belongs to you, however, it in part also belongs to the company such as Facebook or Twitter that holds and hosts your data. Therefore, this data does not make up part of your estate. Consequently, if a friend or family member wishes to take over your account when you pass, obtaining access to the accounts can be a complex process, especially if they have not been given access to your online accounts.

Wills, Trust & Probate Partner, Karen Woodison spoke to The Telegraph about the rise of ‘Digital inheritance’. To read more click HERE.

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