Divorce Day

Divorce Day

The first working Monday after the New Year is known as ‘’Divorce day’’, due to the increase in enquiries received by family lawyers.

Generally, this trend follows a period of busy, and often intense, family celebrations which, along with the financial strain of Christmas, can push an already fractured relationship or marriage to breaking point. 

As family lawyers, we are often consulted by parties wishing to understand the consequences of bringing their marriage or relationship to an end. Understandably clients will usually take time to consider their position over Christmas meaning that it is often a make or break period. 

Some may feel that divorce or separation is the only option. However, couples choosing to separate should take legal advice before doing so as there may be negative consequences to the arrangements agreed which can be hard to undo, especially in relation to child arrangements and financial agreements. 

Taking the first step to seek advice from a solicitor can be daunting. At Blaser Mills Law, we understand that this is a highly stressful and emotional time. Our new online technology, Settify, can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by enabling you to find out where you stand, even when you’re not ready to speak one of our expert lawyers.

When you feel you are ready to instruct a lawyer, our expert family team can offer you a tailored, face to face, fixed fee initial meeting (with a limited number of free appointments each month). With Settify having already collected the facts of your situation, our expert lawyer can focus your initial meeting on advising you on your legal standing, making the process more cost-effective for you.

At Blaser Mills Law, we seek to resolve disputes as amicably as possible, in an attempt to minimise the emotional and financial impact. If litigation cannot be avoided, we will litigate firmly to ensure that your interests are fully protected and your objectives reached in the most cost-effective manner.

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