Do you have a claim against the Police?

The police are given vast powers to enable them to protect and serve the public and with these powers come great responsibility. 

In the vast majority of cases the various police forces around the UK provide an invaluable service. Occasionally, however, the duty to protect and serve is neglected and as a result innocent members of the public can be seriously injured, distressed or wrongfully arrested.

Actions against the police can take two forms, namely a formal complaint or a civil action.

Most people may consider that they would never have cause to complain about the police as they do not come across them in their day to day lives.  However a complaint can include that you do not feel that your reporting of a crime is being properly looked into by officers.  It could also include the loss of or non return of your property following arrest or seized as evidence. A complaint should usually be made to your local police force who will then investigate the matter.  If you are not happy with their findings you would have a right to appeal to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Usually a complaint will result in you receiving an explanation in relation to the matter and/or an apology.

Civil actions against the police usually involve more serious matters and would be a claim for compensation against the police force involved. They can include assault by the police, wrongful arrest leading to false imprisonment, racial discrimination and malicious prosecution.

There are strict time limits in relation to lodging a complaint and bringing a civil action and we therefore recommend that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. If you feel you may have an action against the police please contact Amy French at our High Wycombe office on 01494 450171 or email