Employment Law: reforms take effect

This week a number of significant reforms to employment law and procedure have come into force.

These include:

  • entirely rewritten Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure;
  • fees will now be payable in the employment tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal;
  • a cap on the compensatory award for unfair dismissal – this will now be capped at 52 times a week’s pay for the claimant or £74,200 (whichever is the lower);
  • compromise agreements and contracts will now be known as settlement agreements;
  • pre-termination negotiations between an employer and an employee, conducted with a view to terminating employment on agreed terms, will now be inadmissible in any subsequent unfair dismissal proceedings;
  • the time period within which a monetary award which the employment tribunal has ordered must be paid before it incurs interest will now be 14 days (compared to 42 days).

For further advice on these changes please contact our Employment Law team at commercial@blasermills.co.uk.