Employment Tribunal Fees

The Government has confirmed its plans to charge claimants for lodging an employment tribunal claim.

A two-stage fee charging structure, designed to weed out vexatious or weak claims, will be implemented, requiring claimants to present an “issue fee” when they submit their claim or appeal, followed by a “hearing fee” prior to a hearing.

The amount of each fee will depend on the type of claim. More straightforward claims are allocated to the “Level 1” category. All other claims are “Level 2” claims and will require the claimant to pay a higher fee. Where multiple claimants are bringing a claim, the amount of the fees will also be determined by reference to the number of claimants.

Parties wishing to make certain applications, such as for a review of a tribunal judgment or a counter-claim in a breach of contract case, will have to pay a separate fee. The HM Courts and Tribunals Service civil courts fee remission scheme will also be extended to the tribunals for claimants who cannot afford the fees. A full public consultation on remissions will be published in the autumn of 2012.

The Government aims to implement the new fee structure in the summer of 2013.

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