Education lawyers for primary, secondary and higher education institutions.

Schools and universities are uniquely busy, bustling environments, but each educational institution is a distinct entity with its own challenges.

We help educational organisations of all sizes deal decisively with the full range of legal and commercial issues that they encounter, providing clear and expert guidance every time. Our expert education lawyers have the specialist knowledge and experience you and your staff need to perform at your best every day.


We currently work with a number of independent schools, academies, multi-academy trusts, colleges and universities as their long-term legal partner. The range of expertise that we have across our firm allows us to offer guidance and strategies for every one of the diverse issues our education clients encounter. No matter how unique or complex the matter is, our approach is always to bring clarity, pragmatism and simple frameworks for action. Our role is to simplify education law for our clients, helping them make informed decisions and resolve matters quickly with as little disruption as possible.

Your organisation operates in a complicated legal, regulatory and policy environment. Our specialist lawyers will work as an extension of your team to anticipate possible risks, efficiently deal with challenges and help you take a more strategic approach to the law.

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


A complete legal service for the education sector

We create tailored teams for each of our clients, bringing in the knowledge and skills from the whole of Blaser Mills Law to ensure our clients always have the exact support they need. We pride ourselves on never adding to the ambiguity and complexity of the issues our clients face, so we offer a fixed fee retainer service to assist with both day to day and extraordinary issues.

By making sure the right team is in place, we can be sure we are always providing the right insight and guidance. For our educational clients, this may mean advising on governance and management or it could mean helping them navigate charity law, school admission and local authorities. Our commercial property team can make sure your interests are always best represented in any acquisitions or disposals, while our intellectual property experts can help you protect your assets.

Many of our education lawyers also act or have acted on school boards as governors. This broad range of experience means that Blaser Mills Law is the only legal partner your organisation will ever need. As long-term partners we can help you take a strategic approach to your legal services, ensuring you are always best placed to continue growing and offering better services to your community. And, if you decide to merge, collaborate or form a new group structure, our education lawyers will take you through the process with minimal disruption.

Helping you deal with employment challenges

Employment tends to be a core priority for schools, academies, multi-academy trusts, colleges and universities, and our commercial team can assist on all matters relating to your staff. From drafting contracts and advising on policies to representing your organisation during dispute resolution processes, we will help you get the best results from your employment policies.

Our experience means we have successfully resolved a wide variety of employment-related issues for our clients in the educational sector. Similarly, our education lawyers always on hand to provide clear guidance if a staff member should have an allegation of academic misconduct, discrimination claims or negligence levelled against them.

Helping your organisation adapt and thrive

Education law is a constantly evolving area, and a large part of the value we provide is helping schools and universities adapt their processes and policies to align with changes to regulations. Our IT, security and data protection team can audit your data processes to ensure you are fully complying with GDPR, as well as draft your policies and contracts to ensure you can operate with confidence. If you should suffer a data breach, our team will quickly step in to limit the damage and provide ongoing training and support.

We can start assisting you today

Our education lawyers understand the issues you face and can provide you with a clear framework for resolving issues and placing yourself in the best position to take advantage of opportunities. From GDPR and employment to judicial reviews and complaints, we have the right experience to start helping right now. You can call our partner James Simpson today on 01494 478689 | 07971 288261, send an email to