GPs, dentists and medical suppliers operate in a dense legal environment. We all depend on the services they provide to our families and communities, so it is important that healthcare professionals can operate with total confidence.

The healthcare solicitors at Blaser Mills Law have exceptional expertise and experience in helping healthcare professionals with a complete range of commercial and private legal services.

Healthcare solicitors for doctors, dentists and suppliers

When doctors and dentists require specialist legal support, we can offer clear, pragmatic advice at every step of their professional journey. When you work with us, you can utilise the whole of Blaser Mills Law’s specialist healthcare knowledge and experience. Whether you need advice on partnerships, commercial property, employment or representation during litigation or investigations, we can provide expert legal advice and a framework for achieving the results you want.

For companies that supply the vital equipment hospitals and healthcare professionals need, we can advise on supplier, terms of service and distribution contracts to ensure your commercial interests are properly represented. The law surrounding healthcare is complex and dynamic, but we are dedicated to bringing clarity and commercially focused advice to our clients.

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


Adding value at every step

We understand the challenges of caring for a community without having to deal with the legal technicalities as well, which is why we will handle every aspect of your commercial legal requirements so you can focus on providing care to those in need.

We can advise on commercial contracting so that your interests are best represented, as well as partnership agreements and practice mergers. Our property team can guide you through the process of acquiring or selling property as well as helping to draft specialised commercial property surgery ownership, lease and development agreements. If you live in a controlled locality, we can help you apply for GP rural dispensing permission. If you have employees, our corporate team will make sure you are fulfilling all of your obligations and exploring every opportunity. And, if any allegations should arise about the conduct or fitness to practice of you or any or your employees or any agreements you have entered into, we can represent you in any litigation or investigation.

For medical suppliers, we offer a full range of commercial and corporate legal services and can tailor our team to ensure you have the right expertise and knowledge on your side. We aim to always work in harmony with your strategic and commercial goals. At every stage of the business lifecycle, our team can put the legal documentation in place to safeguard your interests and help you achieve your goals. From complying with company law regulations to outsourcing agreements and dispute resolution, we are long-term partners to your business.

We can help you

Our healthcare solicitors are on hand, where and when required, to advise on all parts of your business, from contracts and commercial property to employment and dealing with a regulatory body. Contact a member of our law firm today by calling us on +44 (0) 203 814 2020, sending an email to or filling in our contact form.