Lawyers for football clubs, managers and players

We provide legal services, representation and strategic guidance to clubs, managers, players and retired sports professionals from across the world of football.

Our clients range from owners to athletes in the Premier League, English Football League (EFL) and internationally – and our clear, pragmatic advice helps them with every aspect of their operations. From contracts and agreements to corporate, commercial property and brand management, we protect our clients’ assets and ensure they are best placed for success.

Legal expertise, commercial insight and strategic focus

Our firm is made up of a diverse range of passionate legal experts, and our clients can be confident that we are always able to build the right team to service their needs. For all stakeholders in the business of football, we advise and guide on every aspect of the legal and commercial performance of their assets, agreements and people. We are also effective representatives of our clients in disputes, helping them reach constructive resolutions and ensuring they are treated fairly.

For active and retired players, we review, draft and negotiate contracts and agreements relating to employment, sponsorship and ambassador positions. For people who are prominent public figures, it is important that they are able to live their lives free of unnecessary intrusion. Our team protects privacy and image rights and also assists in defamation cases as well as employment and regulatory issues

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


Services we offer our football clients:

Contracts and agreements

  • Player and team contracts
  • Supply chain and kit supplier contracts, orders, deals and negotiations
  • Confidentiality agreements and NDAs
  • Sponsorship, merchandising and endorsement agreements
  • Ambassadorial agreements, advertising and marketing
  • Financial protection and interests
  • Licencing and broadcasting
  • Third-party ownership

Corporate and commercial

  • Club investment
  • Club acquisition and sale
  • Real estate and development
  • Corporate governance

People and assets

  • Team and player employment and HR advice
  • Intellectual property licensing
  • Brand, image rights and reputation management
  • Commercial property
  • Defamation

Dispute resolution and arbitration

  • Player disputes and disciplinary proceedings
  • Training compensation disputes
  • Equipment issues and decisions appeals
  • Appeals before governing bodies – FA Rule K, FIFA and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)
  • Debt recovery and overdue payables
  • Procedural guidelines – i.e. salary caps, FFP
  • FA IRC submissions
  • Solidarity mechanism
  • Contracts and transfer disputes
  • Contract termination
  • Mediation

Personal affairs for individuals

  • Property transactions
  • Wealth protection, planning and trust creation
  • Matrimonial and divorce matters

Immigration for individuals and organisations

  • (Sportsperson) T2 visa
  • (Temporary Worker – Creative and Sporting) T5 visa
  • Worker or Temporary Worker Sponsor Licence

Legal services with a global reach

Modern football is truly global, and it is important that our services reflect that. Whether helping clubs negotiate and work with foreign investors or helping players and managers complete the necessary immigration policies, we help our clients access a world of talent and opportunity. We are founders of a global network of specialist sports lawyers from over 29 countries. This network allows us to boost our capabilities with local knowledge and expertise from every corner of the world, so that we can provide quick answers and solutions to any challenges our clients face.

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