Businesses that operate at the forefront of innovation and technological development need a legal team that can keep up. We take an agile and collaborative approach to commercial law for IT and tech companies, helping them overcome the legal, contractual and regulatory challenges they face as well as protect their assets and maximise their commercial position. We understand your business and your sector, and we know what success looks like.


The technology and IT sector moves fast, and our team has helped many SMEs and start-ups deal with the commercial, employment law, real estate and intellectual property issues that often arise. Our technology lawyers have the specialist insight and experience to ensure your company is best positioned to grow and outpace your competition. We understand the environment you operate in, and that is why we offer a full range of legal services. Our team will draft and negotiate your software licensing contracts and service level agreements, but they can also protect your intellectual property, deal with regulators and distribute your products internationally.

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


The services we regularly offer to clients in the IT and technology sector include:

Protecting and growing your commercial position

Our clients don’t just work with our information technology lawyers, they work with our entire commercial team. This means we are always able to help, no matter what you need us for. Our intellectual property team will make sure your competitors do not profit unfairly from your innovations and valuable business assets. But they can also help you exploit those assets for maximum income and business value through licensing and commercialisation. Our success is built on the fact that we do more than just present the legal facts to our clients, we help them break into new markets and increase their share of existing ones. Your company can benefit from this commercially minded legal expertise as well.

Our commercial team can advise and draft the contracts you use, as well as the agreements you enter into with third parties. We regularly help companies in the tech and IT sector write software as a service (SaaS), managed service, transitional service, supplier, distribution and end user agreements and contracts. If any disputes or breakdown of relationships in your supply chain should occur, we can represent you and work towards a fair and constructive resolution with minimal business disruption.

Your corporate governance is an important part of being able to best take advantage of the opportunities for growth and revenue maximisation. Our corporate lawyers can review your policies, processes and documentation and suggest ways they can be improved. If a compliance issue should arise, we will help you deal with it as efficiently as possible and communicate with regulators on your behalf.

Creating a secure data environment

We practice what we preach when it comes to data protection and IT security. Our secure data rooms and industry leading collaboration tools are in full compliance with GDPR and mean we can move at the same speed your company does. We’ll integrate into your teams so that our experts are best placed to anticipate potential issues, mitigate risks and make sure the work we do always aligns with your commercial and strategic vision.

Our clients in the technology and IT sector are some of the most creative and innovative people we have been able to work with. And we take those principles and apply them to everything we do. Because we don’t have the huge overheads of larger city firms, we are able to invest fully in our people. This has allowed us to create a diverse collection of specialist lawyers and innovative thinkers, who approach every challenge with a fresh pair of eyes. The benefits of this approach are demonstrated by the results we get for our clients in the tech sector. From software development to licensing and outsourcing, we always provide clear, pragmatic advice and commercially focused guidance on the choices you need to make.  

We can start assisting you today

Our information technology lawyers have years of experience working with companies on the cutting-edge of technological innovation. We can provide constructive advice, guidance and practical solutions for the technology law and commercial challenges you face. To talk to our partner Robert Cain today, call 01494 478678 | 07764 244953, send an email to