The costs of financial crime can be significant for businesses and individuals, both in financial and reputational terms. Being able to balance legal complexity, commercial realities and an understanding of how stressful and emotive the process can be takes specialist expertise and experience. Whether your business has uncovered evidence of financial crime or you have been accused of it yourself, we offer a calm, expert voice and a clear path forward.

It’s about more than the law

Financial crime is defined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as kind of criminal conduct relating to money, financial services or markets. From money laundering to market manipulation, credit card fraud to fraudulent trading, this kind of criminal activity calls into question the integrity of financial systems and controls. It can impact your business’ ability to operate, as well as its reputation and relationships with key stakeholders. So, we will help you take quick, decisive action to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Our team of expert business crime lawyers has been instructed in some of the biggest operations in the UK including Operation MFB, one of the largest UK VAT fraud cases in recent history. If your business is under investigation, we can offer immediate and discrete assistance at any stage in the proceedings. We understand that it is not just about the law, it is also about your commercial future. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to put together the right investigations team to help you deal effectively with every aspect of fraud and financial crime.

We are here to give you certainty about what you need to do, and the decisions you will have to make. You can be sure that we will support you every step of the way.

Straight talking, forward thinking

Our clients don’t count on us for our ability to talk in technical jargon and overcomplicate matters. They rely on us because they know they will always get honest and constructive answers to their questions. We pride ourselves on creating clarity out of confusion and helping people navigate their way through situations that can be incredibly complex and stressful.

Understanding financial crime

Financial crime is a criminal offence relating to money, financial services or the operation of markets. As a business, it is important to understand the risks you face from fraud, money laundering or the misuse of financial or market information. The methods and strategies employed to try and steal from companies often involve technology, and today your business needs to protect itself from cybercrime. Our team stays at the forefront of developments in financial crime, and can help you identify, contain and mitigate your risks.

The practice is rated for its “excellent response times, industry-specific knowledge and commercial attitude.”


Identifying fraud

Fraud is the use of illegal methods to obtain money, property or other assets currently owned by an individual or business. If you think that you have found evidence of fraud within your business, it is important to act quickly and inform partners and directors. Then, it is time to take expert legal advice on where you stand and what actions you need to take. You can arrange a meeting with our business crime team and start taking definitive steps today.  

Is it possible to get lost assets back?

Getting money back from investment scams or after incidences of fraud is not straightforward. Assets can quickly disperse across borders or be laundered in other ways. While it can be difficult to recover assets, it is certainly not impossible, especially with the right expertise and experience in place. We can help you access the wide variety of specialist legal skills that these kinds of cases require.

Get the legal advice you need

Our team of business lawyers has helped many businesses and individuals get the best outcome for fraud, money laundering and financial crime cases. We can do the same for you. To speak to one of our business crime and regulatory solicitors about the fraud investigation your business is involved in or the evidence of financial crime you have uncovered, ring us on 020 3814 2020, email us at or fill in our contact form

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