You already understand the regulatory landscape you operate in, but we can help you take a proactive approach to regulation and compliance. We support businesses and professionals on every aspect of regulatory compliance, investigations, adjudication, enforcement and prosecutions. Our pragmatic, straight-talking advice creates clarity from complexity, helping you achieve the very best outcome.

Maximise the benefits, minimise the risks

The benefits of regulation can be numerous for businesses. Ensuring universal technical standards and strengthening competition help level the playing field and protect everyone involved. But regulation and compliance can be resource heavy and time intensive for businesses, and the cost of non-compliance can be severe.

We can help you reduce your legal risks and avoid costly, disruptive and potentially damaging investigations or fines. If a regulatory intervention does occur, we will provide you with a clear strategy and decisive action to resolve it as quickly and effectively as possible. Our lawyers work across all sectors and all major regulators. We know the law, the processes and exactly what steps you should be taking.

Commercially focused legal advice

The expert team at Blaser Mills Law removes the uncertainty surrounding the investigation process so that you can navigate it with minimal disruption. No matter how complex your operations or regulatory needs, we can use the criminal, employment, commercial, property and dispute resolution expertise from across the firm to put the perfect team in place. This diversity of insight and knowledge allows us to work fast and smart in any scenario. You also get a single, dedicated point of contact who is always available to pick up the phone and talk through any queries or issues you have.  

Whatever industry you work in, we can defend you and your reputation if you face regulatory investigation. Our expert team can offer a complete range of services, from making sure your contracts are compliant to auditing your business and advising you on the development of policies and procedures. We can help you prepare for any interviews you have with your regulators and comply with information requests. But we can do more than that. Our experience can also help you anticipate problems and roadblocks before they arise, so that you can be confident you are always moving forward.

The importance of regulatory compliance

The regulations that businesses must follow are there to do more than unnecessarily eat up your resources and time. They set common rules and standards, and ensure that employees and consumers are protected from harm. However, the amount of regulations that businesses have to comply with has been growing steadily over time, in line with technological advancements and concerns over ethical and environmental performance. Being accused of non-compliance can not only lead to heavy penalties and fines, but can severely damage your business’ reputation among key stakeholders and customers. That is why we will work fast to ensure you emerge from any investigation as unscathed as possible.

The practice is rated for its “excellent response times, industry-specific knowledge and commercial attitude.”


The investigation process

We have successfully helped businesses across a wide range of industries through investigations by all the major regulators, including the Financial Conduct Authority, Serious Fraud Office and the Crown Prosecution Service. This experience means that we can give you an overview of the investigation process as well as a clear framework for working towards your desired result. Investigations are often long and complex, and we can make sure that you and your business are always one step ahead.

The benefits of compliance management

Many of our clients have complex needs, and in these situations we are able to bring in the insight and skills of the rest of our firm. No matter the sector, regulator or number of jurisdictions, we always bring the same level of direction to the process. Our role is to guide you from A to B in the fastest, most effective way possible. By managing the process for you, we can ensure that you are free to serve your business in the best way possible.

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