Finding the right child care solicitor.

It is difficult to imagine a matter more sensitive than those which involve children and child protection. We’re here to support you with honest advice and a clear way forward.

Our solicitors have a wealth of experience in child care law matters. We can support everyone involved, including guardians, parents, children and other family members, helping you navigate the system to find and achieve the best possible solution. 

Honest advice from experts you can trust

Every stage of child care requires caution and a pragmatic approach. Whether you are going through care proceedings, facing an application for an emergency protection order, seeking the return of your child from care, or looking to get more contact with a child in care, you need to take sensible steps to achieve the best possible outcome. The team at Blaser Mills Law has helped countless families and guardians steer their way through this challenging process, liaising with the relevant local authority and making sure parents, children and other individuals get fair family law representation in court. We pride ourselves on our honest and straight-talking advice. We’re always realistic and will give you clear expectations, so you can prepare yourself and the child.

The child care team at Blaser Mills Law is highly experienced in care proceedings, special guardianship, emergency protection orders, adoption, contact with children in care and discharge of care orders. No case is too complicated for our solicitors. We regularly deal with cases involving mental health difficulties, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, physical and emotional abuse and sexual exploitation, and we know what you need to do to move forward with your case. 

With Blaser Mills Law on your side, you have a point of contact who will guide you through the process. Our job is to make sure you fully understand your situation and what you can do about it. We won’t complicate matters with legal jargon and confusing processes – we’ll give you clear guidance on the steps you need to take to put yourself in the best possible position.  

The best people with the right approach

A specialist on your side

Our team knows children law and care proceedings inside out. We know what judges want to see and how to build cases that work in your favour. Over the years, we’ve formed a specialism in understanding the entire process of child protection law, from the initial pre-proceedings phases, through to care proceedings, and eventually working towards proceedings to reunify families or increase their contact. We’ve helped many families get the positive outcomes they were hoping for, and although we’re always realistic, we’re here to show you how to improve your current situation.

More than law

We see it as a given that you should get expert advice when you turn to a child care solicitor at Blaser Mills Law. On top of that, you get a strategic adviser who will guide you through the whole process, from start to finish. Not just by representing you in court on those important days, but also by advising you every step of the way. 

Constructive and sensitive

We never hide behind the facts. You can trust us to be clear from the outset about the likely outcomes and the action you need to take to reach them. We understand this is a difficult process with a huge amount at stake, and we’ve seen first-hand how distressing it can be for everyone involved. For that reason, we’re also sensitive and approachable. In short, you can talk to us about anything.

Accessible legal advice

Decades of experience tells us that being available for our clients needs to be a priority. Nothing stops for families and children, so neither do we. We know how to work urgently, communicate promptly and act decisively when you need us to. Likewise, if you need us to be in court at two hours’ notice, we will have you covered. If you are eligible, we can also help you apply for legal aid which is often available in proceedings involving Local Authorities. 

The best people, the best service 

As well as knowing everything there is to know about child care legal processes, we’re also known for our personable service. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback from clients about their experience working with us. It’s testament to our hands-on approach and supportive nature. We’re only ever a phone call away and there is always someone to help, whether it is one of our solicitors or a barrister we work with closely. 

Get expert advice

We have a broad range of experience in child care law and can take you through any procedure. Get our help today by calling Denise Herman on +44 (0) 1923 725 015, emailing at or by filling in our contact form.