Legal support for children’s guardians.

Acting as Children’s Guardian for a child through the care proceedings process is a heavy responsibility. The solicitor you appoint should be somebody you can trust completely to help you to meet it. That is why you need an experienced solicitor who has dealt with the whole range of complex public family law litigation, to really get to the heart of the matter. 

Experienced child care solicitors you can trust

At Blaser Mills Law, we’ve guided many families, children, professional guardians and special guardians through care proceedings, discharging care orders and contact with children processes. Our extensive experience in this unique area of law means we can give you and the child clear guidance every step of the way. We’ve supported children and their Guardians through everything from sensitive and emotive chronic neglect cases, to complex multi-handed fact finding cases that reach the High Court and beyond. Nothing phases us, and we’ll always be a sound legal adviser no matter the situation or how quickly you need us to represent the child.

Instructing Blaser Mills Law to represent the child means that both you, and the children whose interests you are tasked with promoting, will get an exceptional standard of legal advice and support. That is why we are always clear and straight-talking with our advice. We never talk in legal jargon and instead we explain things as often as needed. We’ll also be honest and practical, giving the child a realistic impression of how the next few weeks, months and even years could look. 

Our job is to help you get the best outcome for the child, and we do this by giving you the clarity you need to make recommendations that take everything facing a child into consideration. You will be supported in coming to conclusions the Court will respect, and you can have the confidence these will be communicated persuasively with the child firmly at the centre.

Separate representation

If a child disagrees with you, their Guardian, about where they should live or the way in which they have contact with their parents, we will make sure they are represented fairly. It is crucial they fully understand the implications of any decisions they make. A solicitor’s role is to give them a clear picture of the future and the likely outcomes of their case, so they can think carefully about how they want to proceed. Our honesty-first approach means you can trust us to be crystal clear with the child about their situation and how their decisions will affect them, so they can make well-informed, sensible decisions.

The whole range of litigation

Our solicitors represent parents, Guardians, family members and children in every conceivable public family law case, which gives us a rounded view of how each litigant thinks and what is likely to be in the mind of every party. This insight makes us reliable legal advisers to children themselves, and their Guardians, whether the application is care proceedings, applications to discharge a care order, or something else entirely. 

Our solicitors have helped people in all kinds of circumstances through these procedures many times. We understand where each party stands and will give you clear steps to follow to make sure the child’s wishes and welfare always come first.

Contact a solicitor 

For legal advice at any stage in the care proceedings process, please call Denise Herman on +44 (0) 1923 725 015, email at or fill in our contact form.