Construction and building is a complex area of law, usually with several different parties involved in respect of a single project. This means there is substantial scope for misunderstandings and disagreements which can easily escalate into a full-blown dispute.

Commercially focused, pragmatic advice

At Blaser Mills law we have an in-depth understanding of the protocol for construction and engineering disputes as well as extensive experience in negotiating settlements in these areas. We are strongly focused on your commercial aims and our keen business sense means we’ll look for solutions that will settle your building disputes quickly, allowing you to concentrate on running your organisation.

Our solicitors specialising in building disputes will give you legal advice on the options available to you, to include alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, adjudication and expert determination, to try and settle your case without resorting to court action.

If litigation is unavoidable however, you can be assured that our representation of you will be robust. Our litigators are excellent and highly experienced in building and construction cases and have a strong track record of success.

As the sector continues to adapt so does the law, and we are at the forefront of these changes. For businesses providing or using serviced offices and flexible co-working spaces, we can help you navigate the unique opportunities and challenges they present.

Representing you in a construction or building dispute

We act for businesses who are involved in a dispute as well as developers, contractors and suppliers, and some of our clients are recognisable household names in the construction and engineering field. Typical disputes include defective materials and building work, faulty workmanship, contractual disputes, delay and professional negligence on the part of a construction professional. 

Building contracts can be complex and we always advise you to seek independent legal advice before entering into one. 

Once a dispute has arisen, you should speak to us as soon as you can as there are time limits for bringing a claim. We’ll assess your case straight away and advise you of its merits. It is our policy to be open and honest with you about any weaknesses in your case. This means you can make an early decision about the most practical course of action for your business. If possible, we’ll give you a percentage chance of success based on our wide experience in this area of law.

Deciding on a course of action

It is often better for an organisation to attempt to resolve disputes before they reach court. Alternative dispute resolution can be more cost-effective than litigation and is usually far quicker. In the case of mediation, the final agreement will be reached by all the parties involved. This means you won’t have a result imposed upon you as you would in court and you can also implement flexible options for payment or finishing or redoing work, which the court could not order. There may even be the chance to salvage a profitable commercial relationship.

Where an agreement cannot be reached, we will robustly represent you during court proceedings. We have experience of specialist courts such as the Technology and Construction Court and we are familiar with the necessary pre-action protocol in respect of construction and engineering cases. Our full-service law firm includes experts in related areas such as property litigation, real estate and corporate matters, so we always have specialist advice available to draw on when needed.

Failure to observe the correct protocols can have serious consequences for your claim, so it is essential to ensure they are not breached.

We will always work closely with you to ensure you know exactly what is happening and what to expect next. We’ll be available to speak to you throughout to discuss progress and to answer any questions you may have.

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No matter where you are in the dispute process, we can help you make sense of your options. Building and construction disputes are complicated, but we will give you a clear indication of what happens at each stage, as well as what to expect from potential outcomes. Our experience in this field means we know how likely you are to succeed with your claim, and we will always be honest from the outset. 

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