Protecting intellectual property is essential to a successful business. When you find that someone is taking advantage of your intellectual property, the dilemma for many businesses is whether they should – and can – take action to stop it. Our experienced team can help.

Advising on Infringements and Threats by others

Before you take the leap to start litigation, it is important to assess the landscape and to make sure that you are adopting the right strategy.  Sometimes a few careful steps can make all the difference, and we can advise you not only on the strength of your case as it stands, but whether there are steps you can take to improve your position.  This may include taking advantage of our abilities in intellectual property protection.

Of course we understand that you will not always be the one bringing the action: sometimes you may face allegations from others.  Whether warranted or spurious, our experienced team can ensure you have the best outcome.

A mix of Unique Skills

Intellectual property disputes are often messy, both legally and factually.  This makes it all the more important that you have at your fingertips a team that can manage the most complex legal issues without losing sight of the broader commercial picture and other claims which can assist you which lie outside intellectual property.

Our team blends litigators with experience across the full range of commercial disputes with one of the UK’s only trade mark litigators and advocates.  This blend provides the very best level of experience and knowledge whilst offering value for money that most firms will struggle to match. 

Making the Most of the Legal Landscape

The UK has an enviable mix of options for clients wanting to resolve disputes, from cases before the Intellectual Property Office through to arduous and expensive actions before the High Court.  We have experience before all of these: this means not just that we can advise you as to the best option legally, but that we can also provide insight and support in what can be an immensely stressful situation so that you do not feel alone.

Resolving IP disputes

At Blaser Mills Law we always keep our clients’ commercial aims at the forefront of our advice. Where possible, we will use alternative dispute resolution to resolve issues. This can include mediation, arbitration and expert determination. 

Alternative dispute resolution has several advantages. It can be much quicker than litigation and involve substantially reduced costs. You can be sure that the agreement will be acceptable you, whereas in court you will have the judgment imposed upon you and it may not be the result you were hoping for. In alternative dispute resolution, the final outcome is agreed by all parties.

You will also have more flexibility to agree on a solution tailored to fit the circumstances, which may include items that the court could not order.

In the event that litigation is the best or only way forward, you can be assured that our team will bring a robust case. Our litigators are widely experienced and have an excellent track record of success in intellectual property law cases. We can even offer in-house advocacy services instead of a separate barrister if cost is a key concern or you’d prefer to keep the matter within our close-knit team. 

We will ensure throughout that you understand the procedure and that we are open and honest with you as to the merits of your case. It is a complex area of law, and our intellectual property lawyers will always be available to discuss matters with you and to answer any questions you may have.

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The team at Blaser Mills Law has helped lots of businesses get the right IP protection in place and navigate complex negotiations over potential infringements. We know the importance of being quick off the mark, thorough and pragmatic, and we can help you put together a strong case. 

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