Information technology and telecommunications is essential to every area of business. Disputes can cause great disruption to an organisation. We work to resolve disputes as quickly as possible.

Resolving IT and telecoms disputes

IT and Telecom law is a complex area of law. It is evolving as technology advances, requiring knowledge across a number of disciplines. 

The complexities with this area can lead to disputes arising from simple misunderstanding on the one part, to more serious misrepresentation on the other side.

Our experience in assisting clients enables us to quickly identify the problem and avoid a protracted dispute. 

We will explore Alternative Dispute Resolution which can include more than monetary compensation and provide for a positive on-going relationship and possibility of future trade.

If the matter cannot be resolved, we will advise on the Court process and take practical and commercial steps to progress the matter to Trial.

Resolving IT and telecoms disputes

Building a thriving, competitive and successful business involves staying abreast of IT and telecoms developments as well as adopting the right tech solutions for your organisation. For many businesses, it is a complex area, with telecom transactions and IT contracts giving great scope for misunderstanding and disputes.

Our breadth of experience in assisting clients in these areas means that we understand the importance of resolving problems quickly. Protracted legal disputes are not only expensive and disruptive, they often take management team members away from the work they need to be doing for long periods of time.

Alternative dispute resolution is often key in dealing with difficulties. This can involve negotiation between parties or other more formal solutions such as mediation. It is usually in everyone’s best interests to put a problem behind them and move on, and with this motivation to negotiate we are often able to resolve disputes quickly.

We’ll represent you through the resolution system, ensuring you comply with timescales and helping you to compile the necessary evidence and documentation. 

As well as being far quicker than litigation, alternative dispute resolution is more cost-effective and gives you the opportunity to rebuild a profitable commercial relationship if you wish. The agreement reached will be acceptable to all parties, so you can be sure that you will not have a result imposed upon you, as you would in court. You can also tailor the agreement in more creative ways, for example by including contract negotiation, which a judge would not be able to do.

If your IT or telecoms dispute cannot be settled by alternative dispute however, we will represent you in court. Our team of excellent litigators has a strong reputation of successful outcomes.

IT and telecom Contracts

Our commercial team can draft and review contracts for IT and Telecom services. We can provide advice on data protection, joint ventures and review IT-related documentation to ensure it is compliant with current legislation. Our full-service firm has experts in all related areas which enables us to provide complete and comprehensive advice.

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