As a business owner, you will often need to rely on the advice and services of professionals, be they lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, surveyors and architects. When these professionals make a mistake or give careless or incorrect advice that results in financial or other loss, you may be entitled to bring a case for professional negligence against them and claim compensation.

Advice and representation

If you engage a professional to work on your behalf, you are entitled to expect them to carry out their work to the standard of someone who is reasonably competent in their field. Failure to meet these standards constitutes professional negligence. 

We represent businesses, directors and individuals who have been failed by the professionals they engaged. 

When you bring a claim against professionals for negligence you are likely to face the insurance company representative and their lawyers, who will be experts in dealing with these actions and understand the complex law involved. Even if liability is admitted, there may still be a lengthy dispute over quantum. 

Our team also has experience of representing those who have suffered professional negligence. Our expert litigators have a strong track record of success and obtaining substantial pay-outs for our clients.

Bringing a professional negligence claim

We will assess the merits of your case. We will advise you of your options so we can assess how to proceed. We will represent you in making a claim for compensation for any loss suffered. You should act swiftly once you are aware of the negligence as there are time limits for bringing action and you may not be able to take your case to court once you are outside the limitation periods.

We can negotiate with the professional’s legal or insurer representatives to establish if agreement can be reached on settling your claim.

If an agreement cannot be reached, we will represent you in court. 

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