Agricultural commercial property services for farmers, landowners and businesses.

Farmers, landowners and agricultural businesses face unique and complex challenges and legal obligations. Your success is built on passion and dedication, and ours is too. You can rely on our clear, commercially focused advice to help you resolve issues efficiently and take advantage of opportunities to create value and grow your assets. 

From the root to the fruit 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell land, navigate the planning system, re-finance your property, diversify your business or settle a dispute over rights or access, our team of agricultural lawyers can guide you through the process. We have a deep understanding of the agricultural sector, and by understanding the individual needs and goals of our clients, as well as the challenges they face, we help them plant the seeds of long-term success. Our team will work with you to create a strategic approach that maximises value, protects your assets and secures the long-term future of your operations. 

Agricultural legal matters can be complex, but we pride ourselves on our clear, straight-talking advice, and we will always give you a realistic view of potential outcomes. We help all our clients to think commercially and strategically about the decisions they make, with the support of the expertise and talent of the whole team at Blaser Mills Law. We can bring in specialists in commercial property, dispute resolution, inheritance, succession planning and employment to make sure you always have the right expertise on your side. 

Commercially focused advice for the agricultural sector 

Understanding the commercial landscape of the agricultural sector is essential for long-term success and growth. Our experienced team will make sure your interests are always best represented in any land transactions or contract negotiations you enter into. We will deal with and draft all contracts as well as work with developers, financers or other third parties on your behalf. 

Beyond commercial property matters, we are also experts in drafting farm partnerships and business structures that help you ensure your business is operating in the most efficient way possible. Our wills, trust and probate lawyers can also make sure that any arrangements are as tax-efficient as possible and aligned with your personal and professional goals. 

We often help our clients deal with issues relating to rights of way and access to land, as well as agricultural tenancies and sporting rights. For farmers, we can advise on regulations and legal responsibilities that arise from the single farm payment scheme, rural development programmes and sustainable energy schemes. Our broad range of agricultural expertise means we can also advise on matters relating mineral and aggregate rights, as well as any other specific challenge you may face.

Effective dispute resolution 

Our expert agricultural lawyers have a long track record of success when it comes to helping agricultural businesses resolve commercial property disputes as constructively as possible. We prioritise the preservation of relationships and the protection of assets at all times, using our understanding of the sector and innovative thinking to create positive solutions.

Strengthen your business today

Our experienced agricultural lawyers can help you manage the risks your business faces, protect your assets and maximise their value. To speak to one of our agricultural lawyers about any aspect of your operations, call Ian Hylton on +44 (0) 1494 781 350, email at or fill in our contact form.

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