Serviced offices, co-working and flexible spaces.

The way we all work is changing and businesses have many more options for the environments their employees can work in. From remote working and shared co-working spaces to serviced offices, businesses are free to choose a space that enables rather than limits them.

But these shifts are changing the laws around tenancy too. We can make sure that the interests of your business are always protected, no matter where you work. 

Adapting and thriving 

Co-working is a great option for businesses that don’t want the expense of leasing a full office space. Workers can access the space and resources they need on a responsive basis, for less than the cost of the average short-term lease. This flexibility can be invaluable to freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses with a predominantly remote workforce. 

Serviced offices have also emerged as a way for companies to benefit from having a space to call their own without the need for a large deposit and long-term contract. This balance of cost-efficiency, flexibility and practicality has made serviced offices a popular choice for thousands of businesses in the UK. 

As the sector continues to adapt so does the law, and we are at the forefront of these changes. For businesses providing or using serviced offices and flexible co-working spaces, we can help you navigate the unique opportunities and challenges they present.

Innovative legal insight for businesses

Our ambitious team of commercial property lawyers is always looking to find creative solutions to the problems our clients face. Increasingly we are finding that serviced offices and co-working spaces are creating new and unforeseen challenges. The team at Blaser Mills Law comprises specialists in many areas of commercial property law, and we work with businesses of every size in sectors including freight and logistics, healthcare and technology. We will build a team around your exact needs, ensuring we can provide a strategic, long-term perspective. What’s more, we can also draw upon our network of expert commercial property agents, surveyors, accountants and architects for additional support.

The potential risks of co-working 

For occupiers of co-working and shared spaces, there are a number of unique challenges that come from having so many other occupiers in a single space. For example, it is difficult to correctly ascertain who is responsible for worn or damaged facilities or equipment. 

Similarly, it is important to make sure that the operator has obtained the right consents for the kind of work you do. There is also the practical concern of what your co-working agreement actually entitles you to. We will help you understand exactly what you are allowed to do, so you can avoid any costly disruption or disputes.

What are your rights in a serviced office? 

Like co-working, you need to be sure of what you are agreeing to when you sign a serviced office agreement. You could find yourself stuck with unfavourable conditions or with services that don’t match what you were promised. In these cases, we will help you to resolve the matter in a constructive and beneficial way.

We know that is about more than the law, it is about the future of your business and the lives of you and your employees. That is why we are committed to getting the best results for every single one of our clients. 

Work, your way 

Wherever you choose to run your business you should be able to operate with confidence. We can make sure that your business is protected and treated fairly, so contact a member of our commercial property team today.

To speak to one of our commercial property lawyers about any legal issues created for your business by co-working, serviced offices or other types of flexible spaces, contact Ian Hylton on +44 (0) 1494 781 350, email at or fill in our contact form.

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