Whether you are looking expand your portfolio or manage the properties you have, landlords spend a lot of time dealing with the complexity of the law.

It’s our job to provide you with clear, pragmatic advice that allows you to deal with challenges effectively and take advantage of opportunities fully. Whatever your goals, we can make it happen to together. 

Building the right solutions 

Whether you own industrial warehouses, retail properties, shopping centres, business parks, offices or residential homes, we can make sure that you maximise the rental income of your properties and safeguard their value for future sale. But that is not your only concern, and we will also help you ensure that you are meeting all of your legal responsibilities and dealing with any issues in the most productive way possible. We work with a range of companies and individuals in Buckinghamshire, the Thames Valley and throughout the London boroughs, with many of these relationships spanning years. 

The strength of these relationships comes from the legal expertise our lawyers bring to every project, but also our understanding of the commercial environment that landlords operate in. Every client is unique, and by understanding your goals we can tailor our approach and the team we put in place around you. As well as taking care of the legal side of your tenancy agreements, leases, rent deposits and compliance, we can help you make sure you are always on course to meet your strategic aims. We will help you manage your assets as well as deal with any disputes with your tenants. Most of all, we give our clients clarity and distil the complexities of the law into simple, targeted frameworks for action.

Boosting value at every step

The commercial property lawyers at Blaser Mills Law are experts in providing long-term support to landlords. Our reputation is built not just on the results we get for our clients in Buckinghamshire, the Thames Valley and throughout the London boroughs but the service we provide. You may think that waiting days for a response to an email is just part of the legal process, but that is not how we operate. You can call us at any time to ask questions, discuss ideas or talk about any aspect of your business. And because you are working with the whole of our firm, we can help you with any other issues you face, such as disputes, litigation, recoveries and employment. 

Understanding your landlord obligations 

Landlords operate in a highly regulated part of the economy, and have a very clearly defined set of responsibilities to uphold. Part of our role as landlord law solicitors is to make sure you understand these responsibilities and avoid any disputes that may arise from them. There can be considerable differences between individual properties and lease arrangements, so it is vital to get legal confirmation of your responsibilities as well as of those who utilise the building. The specialist lawyers at Blaser Mills Law will help ensure that you have exactly the relationship you want with tenants. 

Evicting a tenant

It is an unfortunate aspect of being a landlord but sometimes disputes with tenants do happen. This can happen if the tenants breach the lease or fail to pay rent, but also if they accuse you of failing to live up to your responsibilities. We believe that the majority of these cases can be settled without the need for costly litigation, but are also ready to represent your interests in court if all the other options don’t work. We will submit the matter to court, serve the documents to your tenants and make sure that all of the strict timelines and criteria are met. Any time wasted here can have serious implications for your business, so it is vital that every part moves as quickly as possible.

Making it happen 

Having the right team of lawyers on your side can help you manage and mitigate risks and boost the value of your portfolio. We have a long history of helping landlords in the Buckinghamshire, the Thames Valley and London boroughs to make the most out of their investments, and we can help you protect your assets and maximise their value.

To speak to one of our commercial property lawyers about landlord law, tenancy and eviction, contact Ian Hylton on +44 (0) 1494 781 350, email at ich@blasermills.co.uk or fill in our contact form.

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