Commercial property lawyers for sales and acquisitions.

We act for landlords and businesses looking to buy or sell commercial property, so that they can confidently take the next step. From negotiating the best terms to protecting you from future liability, we are property specialists with a commercial mindset. No matter how complex the transaction, we’ll give you clear advice and expert insight.

Getting the deal done

Buying and selling commercial property involves complex legal processes as well as substantial financial decisions. Making sure the transaction is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible is in the best interests of both parties, and our guidance is always focused on creating the best commercial outcome. We have acted for hotels, companies, trustees, individuals and charities on the acquisition or sale of freehold, leasehold, investment and licensed premises. Our experience and specialist skills can help you secure the right terms and get the most out of every transaction. 

Our commercial property lawyers can add value and insight at every step of the process, from the very first discussions of possible terms through to negotiating contracts and reaching completion. There are many crucial legal milestones that have to be handled correctly along the way, and it is important you have lawyers with the right experience to support you. We will work as part of your team and can collaborate with surveyors, lenders, accountants or agents to achieve the best possible deal. We also regularly act for banks and borrowers across a range of transactions, so we know exactly what needs to be done to meet their requirements.

Offering a full range of corporate support 

Blaser Mills Law is a firm bursting with brilliant lawyers with a diverse range of skills and knowledge. Our multi-disciplinary approach to providing the best value and service for our clients means that we can leverage these different specialisms to build a tailored team around you. From working with our corporate team in the buying and selling of commercial property as a business asset, to bringing in our in-house experts on dispute resolution, litigation and land development. One of our strengths is the diversity of our team and our ability to collaborate with a network of expert commercial property agents, surveyors, accountants and architects.  This means we can always find the right person and explore every available option. 

The commercial acquisition process

Buying a property is a large financial undertaking, and the process needs to be completed with care to ensure you get the best outcome. Commercial properties change hands a lot and while the process usually follows a similar path, there can be important differences. The experience of our team can help you spot any potential bumps in the road and avoid them before they cause costly and time-consuming delays. After finding the right property, or engaging a commercial agent or surveyor to do so, completing due diligence is crucial to the success of the entire process. Once this stage is done you can move on to appraisals, offers, negotiations and final agreements. Our commercial property solicitors can provide expert guidance and insight at every step. 

Selling a commercial property  

The process of selling a commercial property involves a similar number of steps to acquisition and requires an equal amount of care and expertise. We can help from the very start of the process, when the main points of the transaction are set out in the Heads of Terms. After you formally appoint Blaser Mills Law, we will help you obtain the title documents from the Land Registry, draft contracts, perform due diligence, negotiate the terms of sale, work with lenders, exchange the contracts and complete the transaction. 

Supporting buyers and sellers 

We can help you navigate the complexities of buying and selling commercial property. So, if your business needs a new home or your portfolio needs adapting, get in touch. 

To speak to one of our Commercial Property solicitors about any commercial sales and acquisitions, call Ian Hylton on +44 (0) 1494 781 350, email at or fill in our contact form.

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