Renting a commercial property is an important step for your business, as well as a major financial decision.

Whether you are moving into an office, shop or a warehouse, we can ensure that your tenant rights are upheld and that you understand your responsibilities. We will take care of your tenancy matters so that you can focus on running your business. 

Business value and legal expertise

Commercial property transactions are often complex, and commercial leases regularly contain many pages of detailed provisions and clauses. Every single one of these needs to be examined and understood, to make sure that you are not unnecessarily entering into an agreement that is not right for you. Add to this legislation that can cover more obligations that don’t have to be spelt out in the lease and it is clear expert legal guidance should be a top priority. Our team of experienced commercial property lawyers will help you analyse your lease and negotiate the best terms possible for your business. 

We can also ensure your business is treated fairly throughout your tenancy. The terms of your lease are vital to whether or not you will be able to challenge any changes to conditions. Legislation protects you from landlords making changes to the terms of an active lease, and we will make sure your rights are always upheld and that concerns over your tenancy don’t impact your business. Because we regularly act for both commercial landlords and tenants, we understand the commercial environment that both operate in. This insight could be an invaluable tool in any negotiations or dispute resolution.  

Full corporate support 

Blaser Mills Law has a diverse team of expert lawyers and we pride ourselves on doing things differently. Our team has experience helping tenants in a variety of sectors including technology, cCharities, retail and leisure, healthcare and sport. We can work as part of your team to ensure you have the full support you need as a tenant. The breadth of our experience and services mean you never have to worry about having the right legal expert at your disposal. We offer a flexible approach that is tailored to the needs and resources of each individual client. 

Your rights as a commercial tenant

Knowing your rights as a commercial tenant is important, and we can help you understand your legal position at all times. The law regulates the ways in which commercial leases can be terminated, and offers tenants a lot of protection from the threat of eviction. This allows you to operate with confidence and mitigate the risk of significant disruption. Commercial tenancies usually continue automatically past the expiration date unless a landlord can successfully prove certain specific details, such as a failure to pay rent. You will always have the right to appeal this, and we can help you build a case as well as represent your business.   

Disputes and eviction 

Disputes over your tenancy may arise and these have the potential to be disruptive and costly to your business. If your landlord alleges that you have broken the terms of your lease, you could be forced to pay compensation or find your lease forfeited. Both of these outcomes represent a significant and unexpected expense for your business. Your landlord could allege that you have failed to pay rent, repair the property or breached your lease in some other way, but they may also want to dispose of the property or use it for their own commercial activities. These kind of commercial property disputes can get complex, but we are experts in finding constructive solutions without the need for litigation. However, in some cases this is simply unavoidable and we are always ready to represent our clients. 

We can help you

You have enough to responsibilities making demands on your time and resources without getting pulled into the world of tenant law and commercial property. That is why we are here, and our team can start helping you today.

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