Asset recovery is a specialist service offered by our commercial recoveries team. Assets can take many forms and the safe keeping or recovery of those assets are an important cost to the business. Further, should they be branded, reputational damage can be expensive to repair.

Fast & Effective

Once an asset has become at risk then commercial advice should be sought to recover those assets. Our case management system provides a fast and effective solution to asset recovery at a competitive price.  A letter before action seeking the voluntary surrender of the assets is sent on the same day as instructions are received if before 2pm. If the assets are not surrendered then a Return of Goods claim is issued seeking the asset and a money judgment for the replacement cost.

The Process

We will guide you through the process and, subject to the speed of a Court hearing, should be able to obtain an Order within a relatively short time. Enforcement of the Order can follow together with a monetary element if the goods are not surrendered.

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