Dedicated advice on trading terms and negotiating commercial contracts.

Commercial contracts do more than protect your interests as a business and a business owner. They enable you to build working relationships, expand your offering and prepare for your next phase of commercial growth.

Our specialist lawyers are here to ensure you get the commercial terms that form great working relationships and lay the foundations for long-term success.

People-orientated, business driven

As well as our contract law expertise, our commercial team adds value to every case through our practical business understanding. Our exceptional lawyers have all worked in other fields as well, so we know the risks you need to mitigate, the opportunities you want to grasp and the effects that even seemingly small clauses in contracts can have on your operations.

Through our experience working with a range of clients, from SMEs to multinationals and UK subsidiaries of global businesses, we also know how diverse business needs can be. That is why we pride ourselves on being excellent listeners. We will focus on your goals, both short and long term, and use our understanding of the law and pragmatic approach to help you realise wider business objectives when drafting and negotiating commercial agreements.

Working with Blaser Mills Law means you have a trusted legal adviser, whenever you need one. You don’t stop thinking about your business at the weekends, and, likewise, we don’t stop thinking about our clients. Our aim is to become your long-term legal adviser, with one point of contact who is always there to help.

Creating robust commercial contracts

Our legal advice covers all types of commercial contract, including international supply and other cross-border agreements. Here is a run through of our typical contract work:

Terms of business

Terms of business contracts, also known as your terms and condition or trading terms, set out the relationship between you and your customer or supplier. They should include clauses that protect both parties. Our focus is on clarity, to make sure both you and your client understand each clause and their implications in practice. 

Agency and distribution agreements

Business owners should always have robust agency and distribution agreements for those clients selling or marketing their goods and services. There is a key difference between the two. Agency agreements are for clients that will market your products or sign agreements with customers on your behalf. Whereas distributor agreements are for clients that buy your products and sell them on elsewhere. Our job is to make sure you can build a profitable working relationship without facing issues in different territories and jurisdictions.

IP and IT Contracts

Drawing on our specialist knowledge of the technology sector, we help businesses devise IP and IT contract for everything from licensing and development to major procurement deals. Our lawyers have expertise in contracts for software as a service (SaaS), cloud arrangements, software licensing and e-commerce platforms. Working as your partner, we will manage your contracts as your business and regulations evolve so you have complete peace of mind.

NDAs and confidentiality agreements

An NDA or confidentiality agreement is legally binding. It ensures that other parties will keep certain information you have told them secret, which prevents sensitive details about your company and plans for the future being used against you. We will help you create watertight contracts that are fair for all parties.

Outsourcing agreements

Outsourcing certain services can be a financially smart move, especially for SMEs. To make it cost-effective, you need a clear contract in place to make sure each party knows what is expected of them and who owns which asset or property, including intellectual property. It is likely you will need to tailor contracts for each supplier, and we can you help do exactly that.

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We know how crucial it is for your business to keep overheads to a minimum, so we will work with you to tailor our service and cost structure to your requirements. As well as being cost-effective, we drive value through our client service and our more specialist expertise. We are dedicated and commercially driven, and we will be your adviser every step of the way as you explore ways to expand your business.

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A commercial dispute can weigh heavy on your business, and it is important to get legal advice early to protect your reputation and make sensible decisions about your next steps. We can help you at every stage, protecting what is most important to you and deciding the most strategic way to proceed. 

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