Expert legal advice on corporate governance.

Businesses are under increasing scrutiny to demonstrate good corporate governance. When your reputation is a crucial part of driving your business forward, it is imperative that you apply the UK Corporate Governance Code.

That is why you need an expert legal adviser, outside your business, to give you and your board of directors an impartial view and clear steps for improvement.

Delivering value through compliance

At Blaser Mills Law, our team of specialist corporate lawyers stay at the forefront of the UK Corporate Governance Code, as well as general good practice. By taking a proactive approach, we will constantly ask the right questions to make sure you are on track to maintain a good corporate governance, as principles and your business change. 

Principles of corporate governance

Corporate governance underpins not just the financial success of a business, but its structure, decisions, perception and reputation. It outlines the responsibility of senior management and board committees, who have accountability over critical decisions. It also includes policies, values and rules put in place that dictate how you run your business and how shareholders and stakeholders benefit. When it comes to changing key aspects of your corporate governance, such as salaries, allotment of shares and your code of ethics, we will offer clear and pragmatic advice so you can make an informed decision.  

UK Corporate Governance Code

Many of our clients also have to apply the UK Corporate Governance Code, which is a set of reporting, auditing and corporate disclosure standards businesses of a certain size and stature should follow. Its aim is to create greater transparency among UK businesses, to give stakeholders a clearer understanding of how they are being managed. It takes a ‘comply or explain’ model, where any operations that don’t meet the guidelines need to be explained. It is part of our role to guide you through the UK Governance Code, giving you a clear understanding of where you stand in relation to it so you can make any necessary changes to comply.

Good corporate governance

Having good corporate governance is critical to the reputation and, ultimately, the success of a business. Following ethical practices that benefit your employees, the environment and society, and ensuring shareholder interests are considered, and avoiding conflicts of interest within board committees are all vital to displaying good corporate governance. 

By working closely with you, we will get to know your business. This will allow us to advise you on how to manage your corporate governance, taking into consideration your business and the more rigid regulatory framework you need to comply with. 

Corporate governance challenges

The corporate governance realm is ever-changing and it is vital that you do not miss new regulations. In recent times, ‘trust’ has been a key driver of corporate disclosure. Businesses must be open and honest about how they are managing key aspects affecting employees, customers and other stakeholders, such as pension funds, diversity and inclusion, and environmental issues. 

Businesses can suffer from negative attention as a result of their corporate governance. To help protect you against reputational issues, we will always be proactive to help you sidestep challenges.

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We view corporate governance as an opportunity to create a robust business that adheres to good practices and continues to be relevant in the future. 

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