Expert advice from corporate finance lawyers.

Corporate finance unlocks opportunities for your business. Whether you are looking for venture capital or going through a merger or acquisition, having the right financial foundations is vital. Negotiating a finance deal requires a considered approach.

Our lawyers will use their experience, skills and knowledge to give you the reliable advice you need to accept the right deal and push forward.

Legal advice with a commercial focus

At Blaser Mills Law, we have advised clients through large-scale and complex transactions. We are a commercially driven team and many of us have worked within organisations outside the law sector. As a result, we understand your objectives, the challenges you face and the implications that deals can have for your ability to grow. We will always be clear on realistic outcomes as we approach negotiations, so you can manage your expectations and plan your next steps.

We take a collaborative approach, working with finance teams and accounting firms to provide tailored advice based on expert insights. Acting as part of a team of experts to navigate a range of financial matters, we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We also pride ourselves on providing steadfast support through any major business shift. For that reason, we make sure we are always available for our clients, to answer any of your questions and to give you clear advice on complex financing matters. 

Our corporate finance lawyers have expertise in everything from selling shares to securing private equity and negotiating partnership agreements. By taking a creative approach to corporate law, we find the opportunity in every matter and will identify where there is room for negotiation to maximise returns. 

Choosing the right corporate structure

The structure you choose for your business will affect the tax rates that apply, your financial responsibilities and the way in which your business can grow. For example, a sole trader pays income tax on profits, whereas a private limited company pays corporation tax. When a sole trading business starts to grow, keeping profits tax efficient becomes an issue and some choose to register on Companies House. As your business develops, you may also want to sell shares and you will need to decide whether to sell them privately or publicly on the stock exchange. In addition, if you are entering into a partnership, you need to think carefully about each person’s liability. 

We can take you through the legal implications of all the corporate structures available to you, advising you on which one will work best based on your situation and goals. 

Securing the right equity

Securing venture capital and project finance is a significant step for a business at any stage of growth. However, it must be the right deal to deliver your expected returns. It is crucial that you secure favourable terms to protect your assets and position you for long-term success. At what is a pivotal time for your business, our legal experts will help you make informed, pragmatic decisions to secure an effective corporate finance deal. We take care of the due diligence and regulatory checks, and we will thoroughly review all documents to make sure any deal will work in your best interests. You can also expect to tell you in plain English when it is time to accept and when you should walk away. 

Corporate finance for mergers, acquisitions and other deals

Our team has a wealth of experience in advising on equity and debt for companies going through mergers and acquisitions. These deals have a significant impact on the success of your business, so it is crucial that you are confident about the agreement. At what is always a challenging time, our specialists will carry out thorough due diligence to give you absolute clarity on any potential deal. 

The next stage involves processing an extensive number of documents, which is time-consuming. To keep deals progressing, we scrupulously check documents for you and can negotiate favourable terms on your behalf. 

Advising lenders on corporate finance

As well as acting for borrowers to secure equity, we also advise lenders on how to structure deals. Our services range from carrying out due diligence to drafting agreements and negotiating terms for lending capital.

An excellent team, with an outstanding client list. Blaser Mills has a very good track record in the area.


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