Mergers and acquisitions require a strategic approach to protect your interests and maximise value. The team at Blaser Mills Law will work closely with you to keep the process moving while negotiating pragmatically for a suitable outcome. We have managed high-profile and complex transactions, and we will draw on our experience to create innovative solutions to any challenges you face.

Quick, efficient and reliable M&A advice

Our experts have a great deal of experience in mergers and acquisitions. We advise public and private businesses, investors and individuals going through mergers and acquisitions, with deals ranging from £5 million to £75 million. 

At Blaser Mills Law, we focus on creating the right team with the specialist knowledge and skills needed to deliver the best possible deal. Taking a multidisciplinary and bespoke approach, we build a tailored team with the expertise required to advise on every element of your transaction, from property and intellectual property to shareholder agreements and pension funds. 

Our team has an in-depth commercial understanding gained in roles outside the legal sector. We know the corporate challenges you face and the commercial objectives you could achieve. Drawing on our experience means we can offer a turnkey approach, immediately advising you on how best to proceed. From a strategic standpoint, we will give you a long-term perspective on any decision you make, helping to protect your interests while enabling opportunities for growth. 

The partnerships we build set Blaser Mills Law apart. We are known for being responsive, reliable and professional.  We work efficiently to advise you on deals quickly, ensuring you can keep the process moving. And throughout your transaction, your team will be readily available to discuss the specifics of your deal as it progresses. You can also rely on us to talk in plain English, without legal jargon. M&A transactions are complicated, but we will work with you to remove the complexity and ensure you fully understand the implications and potential outcome of each decision you make. 

Specialist expertise

The corporate team at Blaser Mills Law has broad sector experience and understanding. We also have particular specialisms in technology, motorsport, freight & logistics and healthcare. 

We also work closely with investors, private equity houses and venture capital funders to provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of a merger or acquisition. 

Secure data protection

Mergers and acquisitions involve the sharing of crucial data and sensitive company information. At Blaser Mills Law, we have invested in a secure data platform to ensure we protect vital documents and give our clients peace of mind when sharing this information with our team. 

Acquisition disputes

M&A deals are often disputed. The way in which a target company is approached, the bidding process, disputes over purchase price, disagreements over the letter of intent, cash flow issues and general power struggles all call for an objective, pragmatic point of view. For some, the acquisition transaction is an unwelcome, hostile takeover with ownership taken forcefully. These processes are legal, but if you are a target company, you should take pre-emptive actions to protect your assets. Getting legal advice fast is crucial. 

A clear way forward when companies merge

Our team advises businesses of varying sizes throughout the merger process. We have encountered and dealt with disagreements over assets and liabilities, issues with due diligence and conflicts of interest that often arise. Using our experience, we will help you negotiate and secure a deal that protects your business and its assets. By giving you a transparent view of the business you are merging with and the implications of any deal, you can make an informed decision.

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Our lawyers can advise you through the entire M&A process, from carrying out the due diligence to negotiating the purchase agreement to protect your interests. For expert, commercial and straight-talking advice from one of our mergers and acquisitions solicitors, call Robert Cain on +44 (0) 1494 478 678, send an email to or fill in our contact form.

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