If you or your business have been the victim of a crime, you can pursue a private prosecution to bring the offending party to justice and deny them of the proceeds of their actions. We can help you decide on the best course of action to bring about your desired outcome. The Blaser Mills Law business crime lawyers will manage the process for you, making sure you have sufficient evidence and can meet all your legal obligations.

Guiding you through the process

It is important to understand that private prosecution is a last resort, and you should have tried all other methods of resolving the issue beforehand. The first part of the process is assessing whether the evidence passes the CPS code of conduct. To pass, you must have enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction and a case that is in the public interest to bring to court. If the Magistrates’ Court agrees, it will issue a summons to the defendant, and then it is time to prepare for the hearing.

A private prosecution can help you achieve compensation for fraud and other kinds of financial crime, in a faster and more focused way than with public prosecutions. But the process involves a lot of legal complexity and calls for specialist skills and experience. The team at Blaser Mills Law can support you at every stage of the process, from investigation to resolution. Our multi-disciplinary approach means we create tailored teams that utilise the expertise of every part of our firm, while controlling costs.

Helping you settle the matter

Blaser Mills Law is ranked as a leading firm in Chambers UK and the Legal 500 for crime. Our reputation is built on the successful results we achieve for our clients. We understand that every client is unique and every circumstance is different, so that’s how we operate too. We approach each case with fresh eyes and innovative thinking to anticipate issues, create opportunities and maximise your chances of success. We are not just experts in the law, we are experts in getting the right results for our clients.

What are private prosecutions?

Private prosecutions allow businesses to engage in their own privately funded and personally directed prosecution against another party. If the police or Crown Prosecution Service have failed to investigate the crime committed, or the state prosecution has not achieved the result you feel is right, private prosecutions operate as a last resort. We also frequently deal with cases where delays and inefficiencies in public prosecutions services make private prosecutions necessary.

Giving you the best chance of success

There are many potential benefits to private prosecutions, especially when it comes to time. Resolving the matter faster is a more cost-effective solution for your business that doesn’t involve large amounts of disruption. You also get the freedom to pick investigators, barristers and experts, which allows for a more tailored, focused approach to the process. We can make sure that you have exactly the right team in place to give you the best chance of success. Another potential benefit is the cost, which tends to be lower for private prosecutions. We can also help you claim back the costs at the end of the case, no matter the outcome.

Let’s get started

If you believe it is time to pursue a private conviction, contact us today to talk to one of our business crime and regulatory solicitors today. Ring us on 020 3814 2020, email us at enquiries@blasermills.co.uk or fill in our contact form.

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